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Customized Safety Risk Assessments in Seconds.

Leverage AI trained on industry-specific workplace safety data to create risk assessments in seconds. Streamline compliance and improve safety with SWMS AI.

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How it works.

SWMS AI leverages a vast knowledge base of occupational safety resources, codes of practice, risk assessments, and safety documents to generate risk assessments tailored specifically to your project, trade, and industry.

Simply provide a detailed description of your project including activities,  special equipment, and any known hazards. SWMS AI quickly generates a safe work sequence, identifies hazards, assigns risk scores, and suggests appropriate control measures.

Draft compliant risk assessments in seconds with AI.

AI-powered safety recommendations for your job and industry

Download PDF, customized with your company details and branding.

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Customize SWMS AI With Your Safety Policies.

SWMS AI can be customized to your company policies to align our AI's document generation capabilities with your proprietary safety standards and requirements. Talk to us about customized solutions for Construction, Mining, Oil and Gas, Transportation, Warehousing, and Facilities Management.


Job Hazard Analysis


Safe Work Procedure


Safe Work Method Statement


Risk Assessment Method Statement


Safety Data Sheet
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Access Safety Knowledge Anywhere, with Oscar.

Oscar is an AI assistant that enables anyone to access critical safety knowledge and safety compliance information through a simple conversational chat interface.

Out of the box, Oscar is trained on a vast knowledge base of safety information from the world's most reputable sources. You can customize Oscar with your company's safety requirements, guidelines, and best practices to align document generation and question answering to your standards.

Ask Oscar for expert, relevant safety information that's easy to understand.

Customize with your company's safety standards for personalized answers and document generation.

Universally accessible expert safety knowledge in any language.

No credit card needed.

Standard Plan


Create unlimited Safety Risk Assessments.

Unlimited free trial, no credit card required!

PDF download, customized with company details.

Access Oscar, our AI safety assistant.

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